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Practical tips: How to improve your Microsoft Teams Meetings

In our Teams meetings tips, we have summarized some important, proven and quickly implementable tips that make it easier for you to plan, conduct and follow up on meetings via Microsoft Teams.

How to make digitalisation projects a success

What does it take to successfully implement digital projects? How can an external partner provide valuable help to get a clear picture of what digitalisation means for your company and your business?

Faster results
with Low / No Code Platforms

When it comes to time and cost-efficient software development, Low and No Code platforms increasingly replace code-based methods. We explain the approach's benefits, what it is best suitable for and what its limits are.

DCCS acquires software development specialist axenton

As of 21 December 2020, the DCCS IT Group has acquired the Mainz-based software development specialist axenton. This marks the continuation of our successful growth course and market expansion in Germany.

Business Analytics
Successfully utilising the hype

Business analytics (BA) has gone from being a trend to a necessity. In order to make informed decisions faster and optimize business processes, data is used as the "gold of the digital age".

Quality assurance
as a business-critical factor

Our expert explains how the potential of quality assurance can be leveraged through the digitalization of quality assurance processes and the use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.