Modern Data Warehouse

Single Point of Truth for your business

Would you like to utilise data as the “gold of the digital age” to benefit your business? To make well-founded decisions more quickly, would you like to access a central data base that is always up to date?

We realise your data warehouse, thus creating a qualified data basis for your business

Uniform, central view of relevant data

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Well-founded, data-driven decisions

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Connection between on-premise and cloud systems

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Data is the gold of the digital age and we are the prospectors for your business

Our modern data warehouse solutions create the foundations for company-wide work with data and information. They form the competent basis for analysing and utilising this digital gold. We ensure a combination of your data from on-premise and cloud systems as well as frictionless integration of all data sources.

We realise your future-proof modern data warehouse

Data source & source system analysis - our hard work pays off for you

A reliable and clean database forms the basis for your strategic planning, control and sound business decisions. Relevant data for this can be found in different, sometimes very heterogeneous sources.  We analyse your data sources and source systems and ensure that all relevant data is efficiently and uniformly fed into your data warehouse in an always up-to-date form. We take into account process-leading and -supporting systems, databases, flat files and external data sources - both on premise and in the cloud. Hard work which we are happy to do because it is worth it for you. Because only if the database is complete and up-to-date you can build on it with confidence.

Selecting platforms & target architecture - it´s your choice

Independent of manufacturers and with lots of expertise and experience with various platforms and technologies, we select the optimal platforms and target architecture together. Tailored to the realisation of your goals and in tune with your IT strategy. Focusing on planned user application scenarios and your individual starting point, taking into account existing licensing agreements and the costs of various solutions, we design your data warehouse architecture and decide whether on premise or cloud solutions are the right ones for you. The design of your scalable platform and optimal target architecture is centred around maximum benefit and cost efficiency.

Master data & data quality optimisation - because quality pays off

Business Analytics must be based on high data quality to analyse and be able to utilise this digital gold. This is why we optimise your master data and data quality, elevating data to a comparable level through harmonisation. This includes transactional business data, master data but also machine data if necessary. In addition to a formal check of the correctness of the data, a plausibility check is also carried out by means of rules, outlier detection, recognition and cleaning of duplicates - all as automated as possible. To ensure that you benefit from a consistently high data quality, we support you in preventing errors from occurring in the first place, e.g. by checking business rules, predefined selection values, etc. Because high data quality pays off for your business.

Our Services

Together we will implement your modern data warehouse, which gives you access to an up-to-date, qualified database at all times. With advice from experienced consultants with sound business intelligence and business analytics know-how and our proven procedural model, we ensure efficient and professional implementation that offers you the greatest possible business benefit and cost efficiency.


Expert concepts & DWH concepts
Tactical and technical consulting
Platform consulting (onPrem/hybrid/cloud)
DB concepts


Master data management & data quality
Data cleansing & data matching
Creation of master data lists that are reliable and can be maintained 


Data integration
Creation of analytical models
Modelling dimensions

Maintenance & Support

SQL server operation
Training documents
Continuous development


Using our extensive knowledge of various
technologies and our long-standing expertise,
we merge the worlds of Microsoft and SAP for you
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